About Rexsol USA




Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Vitamin C, Caviar, Collagen, Retinol research, which began nearly three decades ago, REXSOL continues today to lead with new technology and innovative products. A comprehensive line of advance, very high quality skin and hair care products sold in the United States and in over 40 countries-worldwide. The results are immediate-the improvement dramatic, formulas so exquisite, they are truly considered one of the most superb skincare and haircare treatment in the world.




REXSOL is the beauty company with an unparalleled commitment to excellence, luxury and the science of skincare and haircare. The REXSOL collection provides you with the ultimate face beauty treatment, acne treatment, breast and body beauty treatment, sun care protection, hair treatment. These simple-to-use products are optimally effective when used as recommended.





  • The ultimate luxury in skin and hair care.
  • Each formula has been created with the most advanced, safest, finest and most effective ingredients to ensure optimum results
  • REXSOL uses plant-based ingredients and does not test on animals.
  • Each product is submitted to various tests before, during and after production for purity, stability as well as efficiency tests to prove the long-lasting effects.
  • Each product is sealed (tamper-evident) for your protection.
  • All products are manufactured in the state of the art laboratories in Southern California, USA.
  • Every operation meets or exceeds accepted GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • Some products with high levels of active ingredients produce too much irritation, while others may be too weak to make a real difference in how your skin looks and feels. REXSOL products are formulated for all skin types to deliver beautiful results.


REXSOL is recognized internationally as one of the leaders in the research and development of high quality and effective skin and hair care. REXSOL guarantees the quality of all its products. We welcome you to discover all that we have to offer. Use them with confidence.